This 4 year BS Program allows students the freedom to choose and study a wide range of subjects to follow their diverse interests.  At the same time, selecting a major in Public Health provides them with a strong foundation in one concentrated area of study.  Additionally, the option to choose a minor from related disciplines such as Psychology can help them widen both their knowledge base and skills sets to follow a range of career options in their desired field.

Career Opportunities:

The graduates will develop a range of 21st century skills such as data gathering and analysis, problem solving, working in teams, and project planning and management, which will help them find job opportunities in the fields of public health, the civil services, social policy and development sector (e.g. sustainable development and environmental protection, child and family health), teaching and research, and industry.


Intermediate/A Levels (12 years of study) with a minimum of 45% marks in the last exam. Admission test and interview will also be conducted for admission purposes.

Fee Structure

Application Fee 5,000
Admission Fee 5,500
Security Deposit 5,000
Student Fund 5,000
Tuition Fee 180,000