Message From The Dean

Our mission in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences (FLAHS) is to provide students with a broad knowledge of the world to maximize their potential and engagement with human issues as citizens of a globalized and increasingly technological world. Ziauddin University has always recognized the importance of other disciplines and established the liberal arts education just recently. We are one of the youngest Faculty at Ziauddin University and are making an impact in society. The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences has three undergraduate colleges; College of Media Sciences (ZCOMS), College of Languages, Literature and Culture (CLLC), College of Education (COE) and a department of Clinical Psychology (CP).

• College of Media Sciences imparts knowledge about people through aesthetic impression. An appreciation of visual design, fine arts and performing arts transcends all disciplines and is fundamental to human nature.

• College of Languages, Literature & Culture stimulates students to raise questions about their roots, their present situation, and their future options and how to communicate well in written, oral, visual, and electronic formats, articulate and support their point of view, and understand context.

• College of Education facilitates in pursuing additional qualifications to become a teacher, where you can use your breadth of knowledge to help a wider range of students, or to teach a wider range of subjects.

• College of Clinical Psychology integrates research, theories, and the practitioner’s knowledge to understand their client and help them address their challenges and prevent psychological distress and dysfunction.

FLAHS teaches those skills, most valued by today’s employers and graduate schools and fosters students’ self-understanding, helping them to develop values as they consider moral issues or raise important ethical questions.

As you peruse our web pages, I think you will gain a sense of FLAHS vital role in preparing students for life in an increasingly complex society. You will have the intellectual dexterity to see into problems that cannot yet be foreseen-and solve them.

Dr. Shehla Najib Sidiki

Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences