Public Forum Series

It is observed that normally there is a disconnect between Academia and the public at large in general, and in Pakistan, in particular. This may be due to the fact that there are few opportunities and spaces available for dialogue and debate between the academia and the wider community on issues of mutual interest. To address this gap, the Public Forum series is being started at Ziauddin University to provide a platform for meeting of minds, and provide an opportunity to the youth of today, in particular, to engage with the civil society in discussion on public issues.

The Public Forum, an initiative of the recently established Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at the Ziauddin University, will be held on quarterly basis and will be open to both students from all educational institutions as well as members of the public at large.  It will be offered free of charge to allow for maximum participation of people from all walks of life.

The first Public Forum will be held as follows:

Topic: Gender Justice: Building Bridges between Academia and Activists

Date/Time: 17 January, 2019 2.30.00-5.30 p.m

Venue: Ziauddin University Auditorium, Clifton Campus, Karachi.


  1. Dr Uzma Rashid, Assistant Professor, United Nation’s Peace University, Costa Rica
  2. Dr Dilshad Ashraf, Associate Professor, AKU-IED, Karachi, Pakistan
  3. Ms Attitya Dawood, Poet, Writer, Activist, Karachi, Pakistan