BS in Clinical Psychology


This 4 year BS is a unique program designed to develop trained professionals in the field of Clinical Psychology. The initiative of introducing the program has been taken by Ziauddin University to cater to the urgent demand for trained clinical psychologist all over the country and to equip graduates with a world class theoretical and clinical experience necessary to practice mental health evaluation and treatment of diverse populations.

Clinical Psychology is a higher gear of general psychology. It is a multifaceted field within Psychology where the clinical psychologists address social, emotional, mental and behavioural disorders, and work on their prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

The BS Clinical Psychology program is both knowledge and skill oriented. The curricula emphasize in depth training – both theoretical and clinical- with clinical training (i.e. observation and performance of clinical work) within Ziauddin Hospitals, in special schools, and in mainstream schools.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates will be able to find numerous job opportunities in government and private organizations, NGOs and service sector institutions such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers and healthcare management programs.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum 50% marks in Intermediate/ A Level
  • Commitment towards a helping profession
  • Admission test and interview will also be conducted for admission purposes.

The University reserves the right to increase the fees if required according to the recommendation of the Governing Body.

Advance fees to be paid annually. All dues need to be cleared within two weeks of commencement of the academic year. 2% surcharge will be levied on outstanding fees after the due date.  

Fee Structure

Application Processing Fee 5,000   One time Only
Security Deposit 10,000  One Time Only
Admission Fee 50,000  One time Only
Tuition Fee 100,000  Per Semester
Examination Fee 10,000    Per Semester
Student Activity 8,000     Per Semester
Library Fee 20,000     Yearly