Creativity is the wind beneath the wings of ideas.

Creativity is the wind beneath the wings of ideas. Voices raised to spread awareness gain momentum if they are dyed with creative expression. Considering this, the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, in collaboration with the ORIC, organised a poster competition on the theme ‘Youth Voices to Save the Planet’ on November 10, 2021. The initiative was taken to commemorate UNESCO’s theme of World Science Day for peace and development this year, which is ‘Building Climate Resilient Communities’. 

Although the competition had its roots in the College of Languages, Literature and Culture classes, students across Ziauddin university participated with equal responsibility and enthusiasm. Both digital and non-digital posters were received by the faculty of CLLC and TLC. 

With the help of colourful illustrations, the students not only conveyed silent messages that spoke volumes about the human contribution to climate change but also emphasised corrective measures to mitigate pollution and overexploitation of natural resources. Escape to Greenscape, Defeat the Heat, Get Back to Nature, Clean Ocean: Clean Future, No Pollution is the Solution were the main themes that kept the young minds ignited throughout. Besides poster making, the students got an opportunity to enhance and test their knowledge regarding the global environment by taking an environmental literacy quiz on the day of the poster exhibition.

Dr. Nida Hussain, Pro Chancellor Ziauddin University, accompanied by Dr. Fauzia, the Dean of FLAHS, inaugurated the event and distributed shields among the winners (Salis Altaf, Faculty of Law; Ayesha Aqeel, Clinical Psychology; Ahmed Wadood, College of Medical Technology). The rest of the students received certificates of appreciation. 

Let us stand united against the declining health of our precious Mother Earth!