College of Education


The vision of the Ziauddin College of Education is to build human capital utilizing human potential and capabilities for building the society and the nation at large.


The Ziauddin College of Education will be a national leader in a) improving scholarship of teaching and learning; and (b) providing leadership in service and outreach, through engaging schools to organize communities of practice for teachers and strengthen school development programs.


  • Help to prepare teachers recognized for the quality and significance of their teaching, research, scholarship, service, outreach, and leadership.
  • Enhance the commitment of faculty, staff, and students for promoting diversity, social justice, and democratic citizenship.
  • Provide leadership in the development of collaborative, professional relationships with schools, organizations, and other institutions focused on the improvement of education in schools, communities, and workplace settings.
  • Enhance the effective and efficient management of the College and its programmes.
  • Build a community of practice for life- long learning

Governance and Structure

The College of Education is part of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences (FLAHS). The Principal in consultation with the Dean (FLAHS) makes all decisions pertaining to the academics, budget, staffing, and other administrative matters. The College of Education has a Board of Studies, chaired by the Principal and comprising both internal and external members.  All COE programs, after approval by the Board of Studies, are presented to the Academic Council of Ziauddin University for endorsement.


Pre-service Degree Programs

(As per HEC New Scheme of Studies (2013) & Road Map (2015) for B.Ed. (Hons) Admissions).

  1. After Graduation – 2 & 1/2 years = (14 + 2 1/2) first 6 month Zero /bridging semester, then 2 years B.Ed. study
  2. After Masters – 1 & 1/2 years = (16+ 1 1/2) 1.5 year B.Ed. study (qualify for Secondary and Higher Secondary schools)
  3. After Inter 4 years (12 + 4) = 4 year B.Ed. (Hons) Elementary study.


In-service Degree Program (as approved by HEC)

  1. In-service Associate Degree program in Education (Elementary) for undergraduate teachers (2 years)
  2. In-service B.Ed. (Hons) 2.5 Years Degree program in Education for Graduate teachers as an Alternate Pathway

Please note: Graduate students opting for alternate pathway to complete B.Ed. Hons degree will take an additional semester (18 credits).


Certificate Courses: Credit bearing /Non-credit

  • Continuous Professional Education (CPE) for partner school teachers

Fee Structure



Duration Admission Fee Tuition Fee

(including examinations)

Security Deposit


Student activity fund
1.      Pre-service Degree Program 4 years; 2.5 years; 1.5 years 5,000 Rs 40,000 per semester





10,000 per year
2.      In-service Degree Program 2 years; 2.5 years 5,000 Rs 40,000 per semester


5,000 10,000 per year
3.      Certificate Courses: Credit bearing /Non-credit Up to 40 Hours NA For Ziauddin and Partner School teachers: Rs 350 per hour

For others: Rs 500 per hour





Please note:

  1. An application processing fee of Rs 2,000 will be charged at the time of initial registration.
  2. No student will be admitted without taking the Placement Test/Interview.
  3. 80% attendance is required to sit for the semester exam.
  4. A minimum score of 60% is needed to become eligible for the degree program.
  5. Merit scholarships/stipend available for In-Service Courses. *
  6. Fee for Pre-service Program Courses can be paid in uniform monthly installments. *
  7. The University reserves the right to increase the fee, if required, according to the recommendation of the governing body.

*Terms and conditions apply.